January 2017 sees the launch of SnapClicker’s second print with Grey Jam Press.

While most of us spend our days looking for the right one, others spend their days looking for the ripe one.

After the sell out ‘Wild Thing’ edition a few years back, we’re pleased to announce the ‘Avocado Heart’ just in time for Valentines Day!

About the print, SnapClicker says ‘My Mexican nights became something of a big deal a few years back and it always came down to one person’s job to bring the Avo’s. The whole meal depended on that one thing. Doodling at work one day the Avo Heart just popped out and seemed really sweet. With V.Day coming up I figured it would be nice for somebody to get a loved one a gift that’s a little different. And maybe come to love the hunt for the perfect Cado like i do!’

Avocado’s (Persea Americana) have an estimated arrival date on planet earth of 10,000bc. They are classed as Megafauna. The Hass Avocado is the most commonly traded (thems the ones everyone’s squeezing in Saino’s).

All Hass avocados descend from one tree cultivated by Rudolf Hass in 1935.

This print is dedicated to Mother Hass who died of root rot in September 2002…..

The search for the ripe one continues.

The struggle is real!

The ‘Avocado Heart’ is hand screen printed with a super limited run of 25 editions, all signed and numbered by the artist.