For the past three years The London Vagabond has been on bail pending an investigation related to criminal damage. On the 12th April 2017 he recieved a 16 month sentence for grafitti. Many have been shocked and disgusted with this outcome, this is a young man with a bright future who making a name for himself; having over 14k fans on Instagram, has been featured in various well-established magazines and earlier this year he had unprecedented access to Vivienne Westwood’s behind-the-scenes at Paris Fashion week.

Artist Statment : The London Vagabond is a self-taught analogue photographer with no formal education. His work often submits to voyeuristic tendencies and a desire to document the everyday to the obscure. His interest in photography stems from being a notorious graffiti vandal; during this time he began to keep a visual diary of his travels and the characters he encountered along the way. More recently his public work has been focused on nudity and fetishisms although he continues to shoot the overlooked, the avoided, the lurkers and the people that society purposefully likes to ignore. The London Vagabond’s background has created a non-conformist and unorthodox approach to his work that manifests through the images he produces. In his own words he is ‘consistently inconsistent’.

Each month we will be releasing 13 hand-printed screen prints of The London Vagabond’s work that can be purchased below – all proceedings will go towards keeping his career alive, developing rolls of film and the cost of an exhibition.

Don’t let the system kill our young talent…