After 2012’s sell out edition, 2017 sees the resurrection of Snapclicker’s ‘Wild Thing’ print in an all-new jazz hammer colourway.

With every fibre hand drawn whilst listening to late 90’s Jungle records and watching Jumanji, the luxurious Leopard print leaps out and let’s loose your inner animal – but in a nice way, it’s like the Bumble of screen prints really.

The Leopard is part of the Felidae family and has ‘short legs and a large skull’ compared to its relatives. Some might say that’s basically a Snapclicker selfie but let’s not get into semantics. Other famous Leopards include the Giant Leopard Moth (eats Ikea wardrobes in one bite), the Leopard Eel (a bit more stabby than the Electric Eel) and the Knabstrupper Horse (which I assume is Leopard looking and is sick at that dancing thing at the Olympics).

‘Wild Thing’ is definitely one for the bedroom wall or bathroom. Depends on where you feel your A game is strongest I guess….

Either way, show some support for the feline/freelance fam and catch one of these cats before they’re extinct.

From the proceeds of this print, at least one pack of Haribo will be provided to an underpaid artist. Buy the whole run and you could even adopt one!

In all seriousness, once the limited run is sold out a Leopard WILL be adopted so thank you for your support. Poaching is a disgrace and every little action, no matter how small, can help prevent this savagery.

Large up yourselves.